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Unlike a rigid shell, the isoBLOX™ flexible hinge system of inter-connected plates allows for 100% total multi-directional flexibility. This means a protective product that moves freely and forms to the body. It moves when you move.

During laboratory impact testing, isoBLOX™ has consistently demonstrated exceptional improvement over traditional protective methods. isBLOX™ Patent Pending technology uses a proprietary inter-connected plate system that disperses impact while staying flexible. isoBLOX™ is currently being used by global brands in high impact sports such as soccer and lacrosse.

The bio-mechanical design of the isoBLOX™ matrix allows for maximum air flow and moisture transport. When paired with breathable fabrics and perforated foams, isoBLOX™ provides the wearer exceptional breathability and moisture wicking benefits.

Low Profile:
isoBLOX™ allows traditional “foam-only” padding and cushioning to be substantially thinner, consequently offering a major reduction in bulk. Lab testing shows products using isoBLOX™ can be made up to 60% thinner than traditional foam-only products AND protect better! Thin is better; this and strong is BEST!

isoBLOX™ uses a specialized formula to create its ultra-lightweight, flexible protection. (In fact, a 5” x 8” sheet weights only ½ oz.) Additionally, since isoBLOX™ flexible plates offer direct impact protection, underlying foam layers can be reduced by nearly 60%, thus eliminating unwanted weight and bulk.

Unlimited Combinations:
isoBLOX™ protective material is easily layered and bonded to virtually any material or soft substrate, thus allowing product designers to integrate isoBLOX™ protection into unlimited combinations. isoBLOX™ sheet material can easily be cut and shaped to fit most any product application. Additionally, our factory has the capability to custom mold isoBLOX™ into limitless forms, even varying the sizes and shapes of our protective, hinged plates.

What is isoBLOX™?

isoBLOX™ is a recent breakthrough development unlike anything in the field of impact protection. isoBLOX™ is a wafer-thin, highly flexible, impact-blocking material. isoBLOX™ is engineered and lab tested to offer exceptional impact resistance without compromising flexibility or adding bulk.

It’s bio-mechanical design is highly breathable and creates moving, form-fitting protection. Simply put, isoBLOX™ makes products stronger, thinner and more flexible!

Until now athletes had to compromise; either protective products relied on rigid shells or thick foam to achieve impact protection. However, athletes mover bend and flex… rigid shells don’t… and foam alone can be too thick and bulky to offer flexible protection. Still other products, such as “stiffen on impact!” gels, are too heavy and can become rigid unexpectedly, isoBLOX™ is superior protection without compromise!

How isoBLOX™ Works:

When impacting forces strike us, the ensuing energy must go somewhere, preferably not to our bodies. isoBLOX™ uniquely formulated protective plates utilize a COMBINATION of energy dispersion AND energy absorption to diffuse impact.

Hard plates deflect initial impact and then subtly flex, via strong micro hinges, to absorb residual force. Only isoBLOX™ proprietary, Patent Pending, hinged plates can offer this dual protection.


isoBLOX Technology is engineered to perform at the highest level, but before it hits the store, it hits both the lab AND the field.

isoBLOX materials are extensively testing in the impact lab to ensure both quality and performance. Depending on the application, isoBLOXmaterials are tested for tensile strength, flexibility, heat/cold tolerance, and both static and dynamic impact.

After lab testing, isoBLOXmaterials are then tested in the real world by real people, real athletes. Then and only then is it ready to become part of a quality product and make its way into YOUR game.