What is isoBLOX™?

isoBLOX™ is a recent breakthrough development unlike anything in the field of impact protection. isoBLOX™ is a wafer-thin, highly flexible, impact-blocking material. isoBLOX™ is engineered and lab tested to offer exceptional impact resistance without compromising flexibility or adding bulk.

It’s bio-mechanical design is highly breathable and creates moving, form-fitting protection. Simply put, isoBLOX™ makes products stronger, thinner and more flexible!

Until now athletes had to compromise; either protective products relied on rigid shells or thick foam to achieve impact protection. However, athletes mover bend and flex… rigid shells don’t… and foam alone can be too thick and bulky to offer flexible protection. Still other products, such as “stiffen on impact!” gels, are too heavy and can become rigid unexpectedly, isoBLOX™ is superior protection without compromise!