Unlike a rigid shell, the isoBLOX™ flexible hinge system of inter-connected plates allows for 100% total multi-directional flexibility. This means a protective product that moves freely and forms to the body. It moves when you move.

During laboratory impact testing, isoBLOX™ has consistently demonstrated exceptional improvement over traditional protective methods. isBLOX™ Patent Pending technology uses a proprietary inter-connected plate system that disperses impact while staying flexible. isoBLOX™ is currently being used by global brands in high impact sports such as soccer and lacrosse.

The bio-mechanical design of the isoBLOX™ matrix allows for maximum air flow and moisture transport. When paired with breathable fabrics and perforated foams, isoBLOX™ provides the wearer exceptional breathability and moisture wicking benefits.

Low Profile:
isoBLOX™ allows traditional “foam-only” padding and cushioning to be substantially thinner, consequently offering a major reduction in bulk. Lab testing shows products using isoBLOX™ can be made up to 60% thinner than traditional foam-only products AND protect better! Thin is better; this and strong is BEST!

isoBLOX™ uses a specialized formula to create its ultra-lightweight, flexible protection. (In fact, a 5” x 8” sheet weights only ½ oz.) Additionally, since isoBLOX™ flexible plates offer direct impact protection, underlying foam layers can be reduced by nearly 60%, thus eliminating unwanted weight and bulk.

Unlimited Combinations:
isoBLOX™ protective material is easily layered and bonded to virtually any material or soft substrate, thus allowing product designers to integrate isoBLOX™ protection into unlimited combinations. isoBLOX™ sheet material can easily be cut and shaped to fit most any product application. Additionally, our factory has the capability to custom mold isoBLOX™ into limitless forms, even varying the sizes and shapes of our protective, hinged plates.