How isoBLOX™ Works:

When impacting forces strike us, the ensuing energy must go somewhere, preferably not to our bodies. isoBLOX™ uniquely formulated protective plates utilize a COMBINATION of energy dispersion AND energy absorption to diffuse impact.

Hard plates deflect initial impact and then subtly flex, via strong micro hinges, to absorb residual force. Only isoBLOX™ proprietary, Patent Pending, hinged plates can offer this dual protection.


isoBLOX Technology is engineered to perform at the highest level, but before it hits the store, it hits both the lab AND the field.

isoBLOX materials are extensively testing in the impact lab to ensure both quality and performance. Depending on the application, isoBLOXmaterials are tested for tensile strength, flexibility, heat/cold tolerance, and both static and dynamic impact.

After lab testing, isoBLOXmaterials are then tested in the real world by real people, real athletes. Then and only then is it ready to become part of a quality product and make its way into YOUR game.